Our Approach

Our Beers

We focus on making easy-drinking, delicious beers. We focus on sessionable beers. As Beer Advocate defines it, a sessionable beer allows the beer drinker to "have multiple beers, within a reasonable time period or session, without overwhelming the senses or reaching inappropriate levels of intoxication."

Our Brand

Analog's brand is an extension of the personalities of its founders:  beer lovers and nerds who love sci fi, vintage video games, and board games. We embrace our geeky-ness and are using it to capture the “geek chic” movement within modern pop culture that has led to the success of comic book movies and TV shows, board game cafes and the resurgence of arcades.

We are also proudly Albertan and proudly Canadian.We eat local and drink local. Alberta has world class grain that we will showcase in our brews.

Our Background

The two founders of Analog Brewing Company have a combined 18 years of commercial sales experience including 4 years directly within Alberta’s Beer sector. Beer is our passion.

Our Brewery

Our brewery launched in early 2018. This includes a primary brewhouse to commercially produce our delicious sessionable beers, which is supplemented by a secondary, smaller brewhouse that brews small batch, made-to-order beers specifically for restaurants, bars and special events.

Our Story

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